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Channeled Cooking Vacuum Bags 6x12 - 100 Bags

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Suitable for both chamber machines and external vacuum machines. For all vacuums processed

OUT of chamber.

ATMOVAC cooking bags can resist temperature
at max. 115.5 °C (240 °F)

Embossed cooking channeled vacuum bags are ideal for those who wish to cook foods sous-vide, even at home! 

Products cooking inside the embossed bags have more intense aromas and colors while at the same time preserving their organoleptic and nutritional properties.

Bags contain NO phthalate plasticizer, adipates, bisphenol A, phosphates, polyester.

Tech Specs

Model CCB100-1
Item Condition New
Product Weight 1
Warranty 90 Days
Typical Usage Preparation, Vacuum Packing
Package Weight 1


OPP/CPP cooking channeled vacuum bags are ideal for preserving and cooking foods using external extraction machines or machines equipped with an EASY accessory. The special combination of diamond embossing and the resistance of the Atmovac smooth cooking film led to the perfect bag for prolonging storage and for perfect sous-vide cooking using a water bath, thermostatic bath, or steam oven.

OPA/CPP: 15/60
OPA - bi-oriented polyamide, CPP - cast polypropylene
  • Origin: Italy
  • Warranty: 3 months
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