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Vacuum Sealer - Chamber - DIABLO - Atmovac - 12" Seal Bar - DIABLO 12

Product Details 

Whether you're looking to reduce food waste, divy-up portions for future use, sous-vide cook, or marinade, the Atmovac Diablo12 is a vacuum sealer that's perfect for the job. Its the ideal choice for all foodservice operators wanting a budget-friendly alternative.

The Diablo12 is built to commercial grade. It's control interface is user-friendly, and the machine itself is easy-to-clean. In terms of functions, this vacuum packager has one time based program, a marinating function, external and internal sealing, and gas injection. The sealing bar on this unit is 12", and the sealing cycle sits at around 30 to 40 seconds.

      • Built to commercial grade
      • Easy-to-use controls
      • One time-based program
      • Marinating function
      • External & internal sealing
      • Gas injection
      • 12" sealing bar
      • 30 to 40 second sealing cycle

Tech Specs

Model DIABLO12
Dimensions (WDH) 14.1" x 16.7" x 14"
Chamber Dimensions (WDH) 11.8" x 13.7" x 1.9" 
Seal Bar 12"
Pump Speed 8 m³h
Weight 64.1 lb


One year parts and labour. 

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