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Oil for Vacuum Machines - 0439510

 Product Detail

Due to its great performance characteristics, Foodmax Air can be used safely in all types of compressors! The product created on a fully synthetic base oil and specially selected additives.

✔ Formulation is NSF H-1 approved
✔ HVI or better compressor protection at elevated temperatures
✔ Low volatility and carry over into filters and storage tanks
✔ Very high flash & auto-ignition points for additional safety
✔ Very good coolant properties to help dissipate compressor heat
✔ Extra long life fluid allows for extended oil drains
✔ Foodmax Air meets DIN 51506 VDL Standards

Tech Specs

Excellent properties:

  • Oxidation stability and long life
    at very high temperatures
  • Carbon and varnish control to help
    reduce valve deposits
  • Rust & corrosion control
  • Film strength & anti-wear properties
  • Origin: The Netherlands

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