Smooth Vacuum Bags 8x12 - 100 Bags

Product Details 

Get the most use out of your vacuum packaging machine by purchasing these replacement bags from Eurodib. The 90 microns per 3.2 mil bags are packed 100 per case, and are 12" long with an 8" wide opening. They are made from durable clear polyamide with a smooth finish that can withstand temperatures up to 175 degrees F. If you have not yet purchased a vacuum packaging machine, please see the "related items" above. Or click the "Vacuum Packaging Machines" link that you can find just above the product image to purchase similar items in other sizes and types.

Tech Specs


  • For Use With Chamber Machines
  • For Long Term Storing And Freezing
  • Polyamide/PPP Smooth
  • 90 Microns Per 3.2 Mil
  • Temp Up To 175°F (79.5°C)
  • 100 Per Case

Dimensions: 8" WIDE OPENING x 12" LONG