Smoker - Cedarlane - Handheld - Food Smoking Gun - Super Aladin

Product Details 

The new Super-Aladin® is a heavy-duty manual food smoker made of all metallic components including its propeller making it resistant to the heat generated by repeated combustions. It is the ideal tool for restaurants needing to smoke products on a daily basis.
It is equipped with an innovative patented system of double chambers. An over-sized combustion chamber located at the top, allows the burning of large quantity of aromatic sawdust but also accepts small shavings of noble woods.The secondary chamber which is located below the combustion chamber can be used to intensify the aroma of the smoke by adding fresh herbs or a piece of cotton impregnated with essential oils. The smoke generated in the combustion chamber is aspired by the metal propeller through the secondary chamber and then exits by the nozzle.
The Super-Aladin® can be completely taken apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. It comes complete with filtering screens for the chambers, a piece of flexible tubing to guide the smoke and a special fitting to hook to our valved glass bells


Tech Specs

The Smoker includes:

  • The Super Aladin cold smoking pipe
  • A mini sprayer to moisten the sawdust
  • A funnel-shaped silicone hose to connect with the patented valve system Aladin Cover series
  • Works with 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Instruction manual in Spanish and English