February 27, 2021 2 min read

The easiest and cost-effective method used for storage or snacking is food dehydration. Food dehydrator removes water and retains the vast majority of food nutrients and vitamins within it.

Food dehydrators are the easiest to use, and the snacks they produce are beneficial for your health and make your meals more delicious. It’s a lot of fun to purchase fresh plums, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, and pears to make your own snacks at home.

We offered some advice you can use before buying the best food dehydrator.

The number of trays:

Always choose the food dehydrator with more trays because it will take less time to dehydrate the large batches of food. Use the Parchment paper for small food so it does not slip from through the holes. The parchment paper keeps the dehydrator and trays clean and dry during the food drying process. Choose a dehydrator that comes with expandable trays.

Temperature controls:

Don’t choose the dehydrator with a fixed temperature. Old dehydrators do not have a thermostat but a new dehydrator comes with a thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature according to the food you are drying.

Auto shut-off food dehydrator:

The timer is very helpful for food that takes a lot of hours to dry and you want it set up to run while you sleep. It will automatically turn off the food dehydrator when the time is up.
Dried food will be saved in a dehydrator without spoiling for hours after its stops.

The material of trays and clear door:

The door of the dehydrator should be clear so you can check the food drying progress.
What material should you choose for healthy food drying? BPA-free plasticis the best choice for safe cooking. Your food will be chemical-free and healthy during drying.

The position of fan:

The best dehydrator fan should be at the back because you don’t need to move or rotate trays for equal distribution of heat among trays. It will dry all trays of food at the same time and is easy to clean as well.
Dehydrators with a fan at the top and bottom are not good for the effective distribution of heat.

The most fun part is picking the best food dehydrator. You can stock your kitchen with healthy snacks with this small kitchen appliance.