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Vacuum Sealer - Chamber - ORVED - EVOX25

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The smallest vacuum chamber machine in the market, EVOX 25, is equipped with a precise vacuum sensor to ensure the best vacuum packaging. Evox 25, with a height of only 21 cm, is the most compact vacuum chamber machine; it can be installed in any business or kitchen characterized by small spaces.

It comes with a fully stainless steel body and a vacuum chamber equipped with “HIGH-FLEX” technology, to always guarantee the perfect vacuum in an ultra-resistant chamber and long-lasting use.

Thanks to the vacuum sensor and a touch panel with 3 preset programs, Evox 25 allows, in its extreme simplicity of use, to reach the maximum vacuum in all circumstances.

Evox 25 perfectly packages products in vacuum bags and practical reusable containers, inside or outside the vacuum chamber. The transparent tempered glass lid provides better visibility of the product during packaging.

Evox 25 is distinguished by: 4 sealing levels, automatic pump dehumidification program (H2Out), accessory for vacuum in external bags(Easy), vacuum pump of 4mc/h and removable sealing bar, length mm 260.


  • Sensory vacuum system
  • Touch control panel with 2 preset programs
  • Maximum vacuum of 99.99%
  • Extra program setting intensifies flavors, aromas, and colors of a product intended for sous-vide cooking
  • H2Out pump dehumidification program
  • Ultra-resistant vacuum chamber
  • Ultra-rapid vacuum
  • Perfectly packages products in bags or reusable containers
  • 4 sealing levels
  • Transparent tempered glass cover for better product visibility
  • Stainless steel body

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